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    by Ian McAuley


Drama Play Script: 'Enigma' by Ian MacauleySynopsis

A young student gets a lot more than he bargained for when he takes on a day's temporary work helping out an elderly council workman at a cemetery in London.

Buried there is General Komorowski, who led the Polish uprising against the Nazis in 1944. Visiting the grave is an elderly Polish resistance fighter consumed by guilt at his betrayals under torture. Their encounter reveals long-concealed secrets from the elderly Pole and another side of the council workman, who it turns out has also experienced torture in the war.

As the two elderly men reveal their secrets, the student becomes embroiled far more deeply than he ever intended, and finds himself in personal danger. Faced with the challenge of his life, he needs to reach deep inside himself to find the maturity needed to resolve the crisis. 


60-65 mins approx



  •   Peter : 18, a middle-class student
  •   George : a cockney workman nearing retirement age
  •   Andrzej : an elderly Polish man of the ‘educated classes’


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