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An Alphabet Of Angels

by Nicolas Ridley


Light Comedy Play Script: 'An Alphabet Of Angels' by Nicolas Ridley


Their last morning together. Or is it? Has the week that Hilary and Simon have spent in Greece been nothing more than a holiday romance or is it something serious?

They couldn’t be more different. Simon teaches English to foreign students and is, he admits, a wanderer who's had many relationships, and is hopelessly unfocused.

Hilary, meanwhile, is a high-powered business woman and a ‘completer-finisher’. Having finished a long-term relationship in England, is her time with Simon now complete?

The moment has come for them to bare their souls and unload their emotional baggage. But Simon still has a very significant question which Hilary has been oddly reluctant to answer ... 


35 mins approx


(1m, 2f)

  • Simon : early/mid 30s, an easygoing EFL teacher
  • Hilary : mid/late 30s, a smart business executive
  • Mrs Lerios : 50s/60s, a Greek hotel manager


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