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Double Bubble



Comedy Drama Play: 'Double Bubble' by Nicolas Ridley

In some ways Gina and Lois couldn’t be more different. In other ways they’re very much alike. Gina is a pencil-thin, smartly-dressed career woman whose company provides “high-level digital solutions to meet low-level logistical challenges” – although she may not be one hundred per cent sure what this means! Lois, on the other hand, wears clothes from charity shops. Her department is there to answer the telephone and listen to customers’ complaints – although the customers’ main complaint is that no one answers the telephone.

Gina and Lois have been friends for years and years but it’s been months and months since they last had coffee together. The reason? The ‘misunderstanding’ over Bruno. After a slightly frosty start, normal relations are resumed. Each has wonderful news to share with the other: they’re both engaged! Maybe their fiancés aren’t quite what they’d imagined they would be. And maybe the marriage proposals were a little ‘unconventional’. But this isn’t the Middle Ages. Gina and Lois aren’t wilting Victorians. They’re strong modern women who know what they want and they make it happen. That’s what they do and that’s what they’ve done. Good for them.

There’s one slight problem. Or maybe two? Are Gina and Lois engaged to the same man? For a time it seems that they are and all hell breaks loose. But then – when Lois can get Gina to listen – she admits she was kidding. They’re engaged to different men but men with something in common: they both have terrible names! Together Gina and Lois reach the same conclusion. They can’t marry Quentin and Horace. Men are more trouble than they’re worth. Who needs them? Time to tuck into blueberry muffins, croissants and a pain au chocolat each.

Set in a coffee shop, with readily-available props and simple sound effects, Double Bubble is a fast-moving comedy with a touch of tenderness. The parts of Gina and Lois are wonderful opportunities for two actresses to explore the relationship between two best friends, test their comic timing and have a lot of fun. 


35 mins approx



  • Gina - mid 20’s to late 30’s / early 40's, pencil-thin, smartly-dressed in a business suit
  • Lois - mid 20’s to late 30’s / early 40's, full-figured, comfortably-dressed in charity-shop clothes


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