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Mr Perfect



Comedy Play Script: 'Mr Perfect' by Alan Richardson

Fashion conscious and career driven Liz has everything she wants in life, except a man. Her lifestyle demands the very best, so why should she settle for less than Mr Perfect?

Her latest quest takes her to the lounge bar of an upmarket hotel where she is awaiting the arrival of yet another blind date. The drink prices are eye-watering, but if her dates can’t afford to drink there, they’re not the sort of person she wants to meet.

Liz's plans are upset when she is approached by an old school friend, Elizabeth. Their accidental meeting is their first since leaving school and their lives have taken very different paths. Liz is anxious that her friend departs before an awkward situation develops, but Elizabeth quickly realises and decides to remain. They are soon exchanging their experiences of dating.

Elizabeth has had few opportunities, but Liz has tried everything - personal ads, internet dating, text dating, speed dating and agencies. Her latest venture is an introduction bureau for “discerning professionals”. Elizabeth is horrified to learn that at least twenty previous Mr less-than-perfects haven’t made the grade. When the latest candidate appears, he is rejected at first glance by Liz and she hastily departs. However, Elizabeth decides that her sad friend’s stood up date looks like Mr do-quite-nicely-thank-you and seizes her opportunity.

"This amusing story with a twist in the tale, was much enjoyed by the audience" - The English Speaking Players Association (Spain)


35 mins approx


(1m, 2f)

  • Liz (twenties or thirties)
  • Elizabeth (the same age as Liz)
  • Paul (Non-speaking)
... and optional supernumeraries


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