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    by Bev Clark



Comedy Play Script: 'S.P.A.C.E.' by Bev Clark

A tidy house – a tidy mind?”  

This female two-hander visits some territory we are all familiar with – what to do with all the stuff we fill our houses with

Crazy is a woman lost in chaos. The menopause, divorce, grief over her parents’ deaths and an absent son, means she must re-organise her mind as well as her house, for depression is taking hold of her.

Sanity arrives to help and save the day but she can be uncaring and bossy at times.

Split into eight scenes or chapters: decisions, shopping, memories, age, loss, pain, action and imagine, the play offers some whimsical humour amid the sadness. The two find very little harmony until they eventually find some SPACE: Serenity, Peace, Air (to breathe) Calm and Ease …plus a little yoga. There's a lot of tears and laughter on the way… and a lot of boxes… Oh, and a bit of Zumba!

An excellent play for two women (of a certain age) this will strike a familiar chord with female audiences everywhere and no doubt some men too!


45 mins approx



  • Crazy - a woman lost in chaos
  • Sanity - a woman craving space


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