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Given the current circumstances we've had a high number of groups make contact with us, and, due to the amount of effort put into rehearsals/marketing etc, most of them have so far wanted to re-schedule rather than cancel. We're not charging fees for any deferral of productions.

If you decide to postpone your production you probably won't know the dates for later in the year, or next year, yet, but please advise us nevertheless, and we'll issue a new temporary licence to show a date range of 2-3 months which you can then refine with us when the actual production dates are known.

Regarding cancellation: our administration fee will not be levied where you are forced to cancel your production.
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Something To Hide

    by Bryan Darby


Customers in Australia and New Zealand should contact David Spicer Productions


One Act Comedy Play Script: 'Something to Hide' by Bryan Darby

We all know that feeling when something is just not right with a work colleague. Well, Avis has that feeling about Peggy. And what’s more, when she raises the subject with Phyllida, the Manager of the charity shop where she works, it appears that she is not alone in that feeling.

But, of course, things can easily be misconstrued, can’t they? It really isn’t just a matter of class, is it? But, well... we all know that some people are absolutely... Oh! You know... And, of course, there are those who are absolutely... ugh! But, if all comes to all, there is someone else who might be interested in ‘stepping into the breach’ so to speak. So, perhaps...

Well, it is so good to know that there is someone one can rely on; someone who can be trusted; someone with whom to share a cup of Earl Grey and a Vienna Whirl.

And, of course, now that the police have become involved, doesn’t that alone speak for itself? What with that and the fact that there is certain evidence that clearly seems to point in a certain direction...

Sitting down with a nice cup of Earl Grey might never be the same again. But then, we all have something to hide. Don’t we?


60 mins approx


(1m, 5f)

  Avis : middle age, well-dressed
  Phyllida : late middle age, well-dressed
  DS Hornby : mid/late thirties, a police detective
  Mrs Cunningham : early middle age, well-dressed
  Peggy : mid-sixties, bespectacled and a little dowdy
  Daphne : early middle age, well dressed


Customers in Australia and New Zealand should contact David Spicer Productions

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