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    by Bev Clark


Drama Play Script: 'Baggage' by Bev Clark


Sandra is doing her Christmas shopping. She is loaded with bags and waiting for the bus. Exhausted and stressed she faints on the bench and when she wakes a bag-lady is leaning over her. Convinced she is being robbed, Sandra turns on her but then realises the scruffy woman was trying to help.

Over a packet of chocolate biscuits, the two women start to talk and Sandra finds an opportunity to off-load all her frustration about her demanding and difficult family. Eventually Annie starts to talk about her previous life - her husband, children and her tragedy. The light-hearted conversation becomes much darker.

Giving up on the bus Annie offers her old trolley as a means of transporting the shopping up the hill through the cemetery where Sandra uncovers the true depth of Annie’s sad past. 

Finally, Annie lets out all her heartache and frustration and Sandra realises her own problems are nothing by comparison and that she is really lucky to have her family despite all their demands.

The women find a common place where they can come together as friends and Sandra offers Annie a hope for the future. 


45 mins approx



  • Sandra Winsford - a busy wife and mother in her fifties
  • Annie Lomax - a bag-lady, any age fifties to sixties


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