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Getting The Breaks

    by Derek Webb


Jason and Zoe were going out together.  Now Zoe claims she is pregnant – and tells her teacher Miss Priestly. Ben and Sarah are friends. He is unhappy that his mother won't let him out at night.  Sarah thinks he should stand up for himself. Berwyn dreams of getting the perfect break in snooker and beating the record.

We hear from all these teenagers, their hopes and fears.  We begin to understand a little of what makes them who they are. When Zoe attempts suicide, lives converge, briefly touching, before going their own way again.

“This is a play that a young audience would enjoy and the author should be congratulated for creating an educational script that avoids preaching.” Amateur Stage magazine review


30 mins approx


(3m, 3f, 1 x voice)

  • Jason : about 17, a bit of a loner
  • Zoe : about 17, takes herself seriously
  • Sarah : about 16 and a bit of a loud mouth
  • Ben : about 16 always feels put upon and not without reason
  • Berwyn : just turned 16, a fanatical snooker player
  • Miss Priestley : teacher (any age from early 20s on)
  • Sports Commentator : voice only

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