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Make Me Invisible

    by Bev Clark



Drama Play Script: 'Make Me Invisible' by Bev Clark

In the wilderness, in the Jungle – you are hunted. In the playground, in the classroom they are ready to attack. 

Why you? You ask yourself a million times… but each time you look in the mirror you see yourself disappearing …until you are invisible! At least then they can’t see you.

One boy faces “the pack” as they move in for the kill but if only he could fly, rise above it all – could he be free? The boy, looks back on his schooldays of bullying and isolation and has to decide whether he can face the future, whatever it may hold.

The gangs of hyenas, ravens and monkeys who taunt him. The mice who try to help, the outsider tortoise who advises him - in his imagination the animals rule his world but in reality he is alone star-gazing wondering what his future might hold.   

This poetic, physical piece examines why a young man may consider suicide: what drives him to it and how he might rise above it. A moment of choice – a time to grow up and face your destiny. 


40-45 mins approx


(2m, 1f with a large ensemble cast)

  • Narrator / Boy As His Older Self
  • Boy As His Younger Self 
  • Girl

The ensemble plays the gangs and all other parts

  • The Hyenas - a group of attractive girls
  • The Ravens - a group of older boys
  • Solo Raven
  • The Monkeys - a group of energetic boys (could be mixed group)
  • Solo Monkey
  • The Owls - a mixed group of studious-looking boys and girls
  • The Foxes - mixed group of playful boys and girls
  • Solo Fox
  • The Snakes - a group of gossiping girls
  • The Mice - mixed group of smaller children
  • Solo Mouse
  • Mother
  • The White Gull - one of the Hyenas
  • Teacher
  • Careers Advisor 
  • 1stMouse
  • 2ndMouse 
  • The Outsider - the tortoise
  • Adults in the dream sequence 


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