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Almost Forever But

    by Robert Farquhar


Comedic Drama Play Script: 'Almost Forever But' by Robert Farquhar

Denise is forty, and lonely, with a history of failed relationships. She is driving home one evening when she picks up an impulsive young man, Paul, who is hitch-hiking. His life is in a moment of extreme flux. They stop for a coffee, and make a connection, as they talk about their lives. Paul suggests that maybe he 'should get a room'? Denise fails to understand at first, but then it clicks what he does actually mean. 

The action shifts to Denise having relayed the story thus far to her older sister Lisa. Lisa is highly entertained and doubly shocked to discover that when they got to the room, nothing actually happened, as they just talked, and then Paul fell asleep. Lisa then relays the story to Bruce, her husband. They are a couple who have been together for a long time and have a very different dynamic to the one about to begin between Denise and Paul. Bruce is something of the bon viveur. If they are present, red wine is always available. We learn of the relatively recent death of Denise and Lisa's Father. 

Paul then accosts Denise outside her work. Despite her best efforts to persuade herself that she shouldn't get involved, she agrees to meet him. A meal and a film. Denise is falling for him badly. They go back to her flat, and end up, after awkward misunderstandings, in bed. 

Inevitably, Lisa and Bruce discover this new relationship in Denise's life. Lisa always tends towards the negative in her outlook. Paul and Denise head out on a deeply emotional, romantic road movie of their own devising. Life is a big adventure, and they are fully in the midst of it. They confess their love for each other. They move in together. Denise is bordering on hysteria as she tells Lisa of their decision. Bruce returns home drunk from a funeral. Lisa is not happy with her lot. 

Time passes, and Denise's life is starting to change for the better, then, though, discovers she is pregnant. Paul is ecstatic. Denise is very confused and hints she may have a termination. All this happens though on the night of a meal planned to commemorate their Father. Lisa turns up, off the scale with anger, as no one has turned up. A blistering row erupts. Lots of home truths. Denise is left, alone, and devastated, and wondering what happens now. Bruce attempts to start the healing process. Denise thinks she hears Paul return in the middle of the night. A highly emotional ending as we are not sure if he has or not, or exactly what Denise's decision is in whether or not to keep the baby.


80 mins approx


(2m, 2f)

  • Denise - early 40’s, an awkward energy
  • Paul - hitch hiker
  • Lisa - Denise’s sister
  • Bruce - Lisa’s husband

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