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Roy Brown: Untitled

    by Derek Webb


Comedy Play Script: 'Roy Brown - Untitled' by Derek Webb

Roy Brown is a man always on the lookout for an easy way to make a living, and modern art looks just the ticket...

Seeing how much money there is to be made, and seeing how easy it looks to him, Roy reckons turning out a few pieces himself will be rather a doddle. Needless to say, encouraged by his friend Jane (and ably hindered by his mate Rhys) things don't quite go to plan.

The play begins with Jane inviting Roy along to 'Artlandish' an innovative piece of performance art involving a lady dressed in a Grecian dress and a bicycle. He initially dismisses it as a load of old tosh without realising that it would awaken the artist in him. Something that would not only allow him to express his inner self, but make a good few quid into the bargain.

“There is much to like about this new work from the master of festival ready plays. The wordplay around Grayson Perry and his ‘alter-ego’ Claire amused me the most but there is glorious silliness in almost every minute of this fairly substantial one act offering.“ Amateur Stage magazine review 


60 mins approx (50 min version available)


(2m, 2f)

  •   Roy Brown : a carpenter and bon viveur, rather taken to fads and causes
  •   Jane : Roy's friend who has a soft spot for him
  •   Rhys : Roy's loyal drinking chum, not the sharpest knife in the block
  •   Cordelia : a woman of mature years and very arty

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