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The Chimes

    by Charles Dickens, adapted by Derek Webb



The Chimes tells the story of humble Toby Veck, ticket porter, who spends his life running errands for other people, while trying to support his daughter Meg.

Toby seems to be one of society's victims, proceeding inevitably towards death with little hope of self-determination. But, on New Year's Eve, his outlook is converted from despair to hope by the spirits of the chimes.

In this new adaptation of the classic Dickens' tale, Toby learns the importance of love and hope in a most extraordinary way.

"Derek Webb has done well to capture the atmosphere of Dickens' London in this short adaptation. The characters are very well defined and the moral of the story comes across very strongly. The Chimes would be a good choice for anyone looking for a seasonal production that is a little different from the norm." Amateur Stage review, September 2013 


70 mins approx


(8m, 3f or 4m, 1f with doubling)

  •   Toby Veck : 50s/60s, an elderly humble ticket porter
  •   Meg : 20s, his daughter
  •   Alderman Cute : 30s-50s, a local magistrate with a passion for 'putting people down'
  •   Mr Filer : 30s-40s, a man with a passion for statistics
  •   Sir Joseph Bowley : 30s-50s, a gentleman who claims to be a 'friend of the poor'
  •   Lady Bowley : 30s-50s, his wife who shares his ideas
  •   Will Fern : 20s-30s, a young man described as a vagabond
  •   Mrs Chickenstalker : 40s-60s, Toby Veck's landlady
  •   Mr Tugby : 40s-60s, the man Mrs Chickenstalker marries
  •   Richard : 20s-30s, Meg's betrothed
  •   Vicar : 20s-60s
  •   Spirit : the spirit of the Chimes

Voice Only Parts:

  • Butler : 30s-60s
  • The Great Bell :
  • Voices 1, 2 and 3 :

All parts can be played with doubling in the following way:

  • Actor 1 (m): Toby Veck (Trotty) / The Chimes (pre-recorded)
  • Actor 2 (f): Meg / Lady Joseph / Mrs Chickenstalker / Voice 2 (pre-recorded)
  • Actor 3 (m): Mr Filer / Will Fern / Butler / Voice 3 (pre-recorded) / Spirit
  • Actor 4 (m): Alderman Cute / Mr Tugby / Vicar / Voice 1(pre-recorded)
  • Actor 5 (m): Sir Joseph / Richard / Great Bell (live but through microphone)

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