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Under A Foreign Sky

    by Paula B Stanic


Drama Play Script: 'Under A Foreign Sky' by Paula B Stanic

Three young people - Drina, Bojan and Lorik, arrive at Heathrow airport on the same flight. As they pass through the gate for a moment they're linked. Drina and Bojan are the last people to speak to Lorik. Their stories interweave as a detective tries to trace Lorik's movements. 

A fast-paced piece that's part detective story, part relationship drama. 

Drina meets mother Mirijana, who she hasn't seen for twelve years. Drina didn't want to come to London. The clumsy airport reunion's not what either imagined. Drina insists on speaking Serbian, self-conscious of her English. An embarrassed Mirijana gives her a video camera as a welcome present. Eventually the video camera helps Drina's English. She makes short videos for her friend back home, hoping the friend will come to London. She's upset when relations with Mirjana just get worse. 

When Drina sees an appeal about the disappearance of Lorik she calls the police. But is frustrated she can't communicate well enough and Mirjana again isn't around to help. The two have a furious row when Mirjana gets home. The video camera gets broken and in the heat of what follows Drina says she knows Mirjana doesn't want her. Mirjana reveals her real reason for leaving their home. It wasn't a choice. She helps Drina tell the police what she knows and the two agree to try harder with each other. 

Bojan comes to London determined to be the next Jamie Oliver. He gets a job as a kitchen porter but is paid less than a living wage because of his status. Unable to afford accommodation, he sleeps in the kitchen. He builds a great relationship with the Head Chef Jason, a black British charmer who loves cooking. Jason teaches Bojan what he knows. But the stress of the kitchen is shown through what Bojan has to endure, especially from the Manager. Bojan misses by seconds the TV appeal for help finding Lorik so never gets the chance to help. When Jason catches him sleeping in the kitchen, he agrees to keep it quiet. But when money goes missing from the staff office, Bojan is the first to be accused by the Manager. He finds himself once more homeless and out of work. Jason cries as he sees how determined Bojan is to find another way forward. 

Lorik's arrival and disappearance is tracked by Elma, a travelling detective who tries to trace his traffickers initially without the police. She's helped by a human rights campaigner Anthony. They eventually get the appeal on TV and get information from Drina. But though they come close and trap trafficking enabler Rozafa, they don't find Lorik. It's revealed Elma was trafficked herself, knows the world and will not let any case go unsolved.


75 mins approx


(3m, 5f)

  • Elma - 23, Albanian/Serbian
  • Drina - 14, Serbian
  • Bojan - 19, Serbian
  • Mirjana (Mira) - 33, Drina’s Mum
  • Jason - 31, chef, black East Londoner
  • Anthony - human rights worker (can double with Jason)
  • Restaurant Manager - mid 30’s (can double with Mirjana)
  • Rozafa - (can double with Mirjana)
       The piece can be played with a cast of two men and three women with the above doubling.

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