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Voices In The Rubble

"This is a very funny play. In the beginning you find yourself wondering where this tale is going and just as you think you know, the whole thing swings around and leaves you gasping and grinning as the couple lead their daring, private lives."
Independent Theatre Association, Australia

Winner - BEST OVERALL PRODUCTION, Dramafest 2015 (Irish Theatre Players, Subiaco, Western Australia)
Their production was also awarded the Best Actress and Best Actor awards.


Absurd Comedy Play: 'Voices In The Rubble' by Darren Donohue‘Voices In The Rubble’ is a wonderfully original play, a wild absurdist comedy following a couple who have been abandoned by traditional values and find themselves set adrift in a world obsessed with progress (a society evolving to the point of unravelling).

Tony and Avril have not found the meaning of life, and don’t. In that sense it’s depressing, but the situation fires the audience’s intellect, and sometimes shocks. They can only cling to each other in the hope of finding a constant, something concrete within each other to keep them from being entirely swept away - in this case their love. But unfortunately these soft souls inhabit a world rapidly shifting beyond their ability to adapt. 

Tony comes home from work to tell his wife that he’s been fired for being caught ‘in flagrante delicto’ with his secretary, and Avril thinks she just killed the postman; but then again it could be a case of mistaken identity. What unfolds is the story of a cheating husband, a want-to-be-away wife, love affairs, dreams of travel, dead bodies in a fridge, and more. Here we have forty years of marriage neatly compressed into 45 minutes.

The play contains some great fast moving comedy, played on many levels, and, like a piece of music, it moves, repeating themes and developing them until finally some narrative tries to bring the piece to a close, but doesn’t quite, but you’ll never notice the time going by as the laughter takes over..

Says Darren Donohue: “It’s about the highs and lows, the agony and the ecstasy, all that happens when you tie – or chain – your life to somebody else’s. It’s an opportunity to look into a couple’s secret life, which we all have, with its own rules and regulations and its own language”.


45 mins approx


(3m, 1f)

  • Avril - late 20s
  • Tony - 20s / early 30s, Avril’s husband
  • George - early 20s, handsome, although he has a youthful exuberance that suggests someone younger
  • Man - 60s, bald and foreboding

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