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Waitin 4 Johno

by Darren Donohue


Absurd Comedy Play: 'Waitin 4 Johno' by Darren Donohue

Evening. A stop sign. A patch of urban sprawl.  Two loveable misfits idly pass the time while waiting for Johno to arrive with the address to a house party. 

As the young men wait, they torment and amuse each other to pass the time. But soon boredom becomes uncertainty, and they wonder if they’re waiting in the right location.  Or, if perhaps, they strayed into a dangerous part of town.  Their friendship comes under pressure as they vent these frustrations and make new discoveries about each other.

They are interrupted by the arrival of Mark and Mary.  Mark enters, towed along by Mary’s feather boa.  Tony and Jason, initially intimidated by Mark’s menacing behaviour, band together, determined to get the better of him.  They are bewildered by Mark’s bizarre treatment of Mary and they wonder what could be behind it.  Her aloof silence intrigues them and they begin to compete for her attention.  But, in doing so, the old tensions between them resurface, scuppering their efforts to win her over. Mark intervenes, and Mary lets Tony and Jason know, in no uncertain terms, exactly what she thinks of them.

Mark and Mary hastily exit (Mark clinging to Mary’s feather boa), and Tony and Jason are left alone again.  They consider Mark and Mary’s unorthodox relationship, and, united by the encounter with the odd couple, they overcome their differences, find common ground, and bury the hatchet. Jason’s phone rings and it appears Johno is unavoidably detained - he can’t come tonight, but he’ll definitely meet them tomorrow!     

‘Waitin 4 Johno’ is a hilarious and playful take on Samuel Beckett’s classic play, ‘Waiting for Godot’.


40 mins approx


(3m, 1f)

  • Tony - early 20s, irritable, wearing a track suit, an insanely colourful zip-up jacket and thick glasses
  • Jason - 20s, Tony’s long-suffering companion
  • Mark - arrogant, sinister individual, walks with a cane and speaks with commanding authority
  • Mary - Mark’s withdrawn, mysterious girlfriend

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