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The Missing Links

    by Phil Mansell

Black Comedy Play: 'The Missing Links' by Phil Mansell


When John Sykes, the self-proclaimed 'used car king of Cockfosters' sells his business and retires to Spain he plans to spend his days playing golf on the beautiful course next to his new luxury apartment – and carrying on his affair with Maria, a cockney actress masquerading as a Spanish maid.

But when he and his wife Laura arrive to take up residence he is shocked to see bulldozers ploughing up the green ready for building work to start on new apartment blocks. Incensed, he tries to contact Mark Henderson, the agent who sold him the apartment. His put-upon wife, Laura tries to calm him down, reminding him that he has a heart condition.

She doesn’t try too hard as she is in cahoots with Henderson, who is her lover.

When John is knocked down by a car and killed Laura and Mark think they are in the money... but Maria, the cockney Spaniard, has a surprise in store: John left everything to her. Except for his golf clubs.


45 mins approx


(2m, 2f)

  • Maria - mid 30s, a maid (who is not all she seems) dark haired, very attractive
  • John Sykes - 50s, wealthy retired used car dealer
  • Laura Sykes - his wife, 15 years younger and good-looking, something of a trophy wife
  • Mark Henderson - 40+, property agent, a real smoothie

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