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    by Les Clarke


Comedic Drama Play: 'Green' by Les Clarke

Chris and Dave have been mates since school even though at times they’re like chalk and cheese, but they both love their football even though they both have different viewpoints.  They’ve been to an away match and after the game Chris’s car breaks down, so they’ve ended up in a small railway station in a small town waiting for a train to take them home.

Dave is well hacked off and is so impatient, he just wants to get back home and start drinking.  Chris is philosophical about his car but Dave rips into him about it and they have a row.  It seems it’s not the first row they’ve had lately.

Enter Arthur, a person who has learning difficulties but is pleasant and harmless and he starts to paint the walls of the waiting room even though he doesn’t have any paint, but to all intents and purpose he goes through the motions.  Dave is on him in an instant, taking the mickey out of him and Chris rises quickly to Arthur’s defence and their friendship is tested as Dave starts to bully Arthur. 

Dave tries to make amends after Chris has a go at him for doing so and Dave offers Arthur a drink from his can of beer and tries to force Arthur to drink it.  Arthur panics and in doing so knocks the can and the beer splashes over Dave who goes mad and tries to hit Arthur.  Chris steps in and hits Dave, wrecking their friendship. Dave exits, leaving Chris consoling Arthur. 


40-50 mins approx



  • Dave - early 20s, tall, thin, pumped-up and full of energy (not drugs), wears jeans, t-shirt, trainers and a football scarf (no specific team)
  • Chris - early 20s, smaller and slightly older than Dave, calmer and more laid back, wears jeans, trainers and t-shirt
  • Arthur - any age from mid-30s upwards wears bib and brace overalls and a woolly hat, quiet, nervous, not used to dealing with people

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