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Running Out Of Time

    by Bev Clark


Comedic Drama Play Script: 'Running Out Of Time' by Bev Clark

We can be a slave to time… or, we could try and appreciate it. Sometimes, though, to get to where you’re going you just have to stand still. 

James Hargreaves must change his lifestyle: over-weight and over-worked, he must get fit and healthy to avoid a heart attack. His wife Hannah, must change her lifestyle: never enough hours in a day to be all things to all people – she must learn to relax to avoid a nervous breakdown. Amy, their daughter, wants the world to change and the family to change their lifestyle: go green, recycle and save the planet to avoid a global catastrophe.

The Hargreaves family find themselves off the beaten track in a remote idyll in the picturesque West Country. They are strangely drawn to the mysterious lake where time appears to have stood still. What is its secret? What is its magic?

A sweet elderly lady and her old-fashioned son seem to know a lot more than they are saying. Who are they and why has the grandfather clock stopped? A strange legend, an egg timer and an old record seem to hold the key. Could it be that time never runs out?

The Hargreaves have been on a journey – but to where? And will they ever be able to find that time again?


45 mins approx


(3m, 3f)

  • James Hargreaves - mid 40's, an advertising consultant
  • Hannah Hargreaves - mid 40's, a publishing administrator
  • Amy Hargreaves 14, their daughter
  • Tom - James’ boss
  • Mrs Webster - 50's, owner of ‘The Traveller’s Rest’
  • Arthur Webster - 18, her son, who lives a simple quiet life in the country
  • Man and Woman - hotel guests
  • Policeman (doubles with Tom)

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