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Tommo And Me

    by Les Clarke


Comedic Drama Play: 'Tommo And Me' by Les Clarke

Tommo’s parents were involved in a car crash and his dad died and his mother was seriously injured.  The shock of having to cope not only with the loss of her husband and her own injuries, but trying to look after her son who has Autistic Spectrum Disorder has caused his mum to have a breakdown and she is currently in a psychiatric hospital having ongoing treatment.  Unfortunately she isn’t well enough for Tommo to visit.

Tommo is currently living with Matt, who was his dad’s best friend, Matt is also Tommo’s Godfather and has known him and been around him all his life.  Because of Tommo’s inability to readily understand everything, Matt has devised games and routines to involve Tommo, and they work, and Tommo is bright, healthy and happy.

Matt gets a visit at his flat from Miss Gregson from Social Services, following a complaint from a member of the public.  She ignores the situation and starts quoting rules and regulations regarding children under eighteen and threatens to remove Tommo to a ‘safe place.’  Both Tommo and Matt are aghast at the possibility but Gregson forces her will and Tommo is taken away.

Tommo’s life is again turned upside down and his school work suffers and he changes and rebels at school and then he goes missing.  Gregson turns up at Matt’s flat expecting to find Tommo there but he’s not.  After a heated discussion Matt admits he knows where Tommo is and then Gregson offers Matt a lifeline as she’s realised that she has made a mistake and finally Tommo and Matt are reunited.  


50 mins approx


(2m, 1f)

  • Matt Foreman - late 30s/early 40s, possibly older, patient and understanding
  • Tommo -17ish, has Autistic Spectrum Disorder, can be played by an older actor but must be believable
  • Miss Gregson - late 30s/early 40s, a do-it-by-the-book Social Worker, clipped, formal, lacks understanding and compassion

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