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Uke Belong To Me

by Kattreya Scheurer-Smith


Comedic Drama Play Script: 'Uke Belong To Me' by Kattreye Scheurer-Smith

Tom, a twenty-something zoologist, innocently bird-watching stumbles across a dishevelled runaway bride, Kitty. 

Through six almost sketch-like scenes, we travel through their platonic-ish friendship. Tom is better with words than emotions, he can recite every animal fact he’s ever learnt and even the scientific terminology for a phobia of long words, but once he’s met with the force of Kitty, he’s met his match. Two polar opposites pulled together by an interesting turn of events but a meeting of wit. stuck up a tree holding a ukulele. Little does he knows his life is about to be changed forever. Kattreya Scheurer-Smith’s debut comedy explores friendships within our modern-day society, and do you need to find yourself before you find someone else?

With genuine chivalry he offers some clothes his sister left at his apartment, once changed Kitty opens up about her inability to function as a twenty-something adult due to a life of cocoon-like smothering, how will she be able to survive in this world on her own? Luckily, after some clear defining of ‘the friendzone’ a genuine friendship is creating, only shattered when Kitty sees a hint of Tom showing an interest in a Tinder match. Through jealousy, and perhaps a genuine want, Kitty decides to travel the world, potentially become a ‘blogger’, ‘Kitty’s Adventures’ or something less cbeebies. With a skype conversation, and the sub-plot of actually learning ukulele, Tom’s feelings develop at a regular pace, realising when Kitty’s gone (and after a failed Tinder date) that she’s the only one that he wants.

Traipsing across to ‘The Notre Dame’ Tom proclaims his love. Is it returned? Will it be the happy ever after that everyone desperately craves for? This is life, and this is ‘Uke Belong To Me’. 


50 mins approx


(1m, 1f)

  • Tom - mid 20s, zoologist 
  • Kitty - 25, runaway bride

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