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Branching Out

    by Keith Trezise


Comedic Play Script: 'Branching Out' by Keith TreziseThree intrepid eco-warriors arrive at the site of a condemned tree with the sole purpose of saving it from the road developer’s axe. However, each has his or her own private reason for being there.

Rachel, the self-styled leader of the group, is there for the glory, whilst Derek, a claustrophobic hypochondriac who suffers from vertigo, is there because he is infatuated with Rachel.

Pauline, a true tree-hugger, is there simply because she cares about the tree… as long as they save it by Saturday as she has to attend a wedding!

This play has received four awards from various festivals since 2008. Because there is no set needed, this play is an ideal addition to a double bill. It could be performed outdoors in a real tree, but when performed indoors it is not necessary to use a set as the actors can produce the illusion of being up a tree through mime, and a green leaf gobo cab used to good effect to assist in the illusion.


50 mins (approx)


(1m, 2f)

  • Rachel - up the tree for herself
  • Derek - up the tree for Rachel
  • Pauline - up the tree for the tree

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