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A Field Full

    by Alan Bates


Comedy Play Script: 'A Field Full' by Alan Bates

It is the end of an organised holiday for the over fifties. Everyone is preparing to go their separate ways. The coach that will be taking all but one of them home is waiting outside and will be departing in half an hour.

Edwina and David are sitting on the sofa talking about the holiday and life in general. David has fallen for Edwina and he has half an hour to make his feelings known, as Edwina has her own transport and will not be going home on the coach.

Their characters are entirely different. David is a shy and reserved widower. Edwina is a strong willed, slightly cold woman, who has spent many years nursing her late mother.

David’s attempts to ingratiate himself with Edwina are thwarted by Monty and Angela. Monty is an ex Special Services war hero, who has fought in many campaigns of which he delights in regaling to his audience. Some of the mature holiday makers are engaged in clandestine affairs and some of their health and physical condition are in doubt. Monty takes bets on certain holiday maker’s capability of surviving the holiday. Unfortunately, the least expected one expires, Leaving Monty in a fix.

And Angela, who can best be described as an emotionally charged, dippy, social butterfly. On holiday to get away from her beastly husband, who she is determined to be rid of. But fortunately a soulful phone call from the pining husband and a promise of four weeks holiday in Monte Carlo, with the bonus of a ring with a gem the size of a fruit gum, wins back her heart

And there is also Olwyn, the holiday rep who is also an enthusiastic match maker, who has made a good match for herself, in the form of a Texan oil billionaire.

Despite all the interruptions and David’s shyness, love conquers all.


15 mins approx


(2m, 3f)

  • Edwina - a serious, but lonely woman, realistic, but bordering on coldness, not quite a Diana Trent, but not far off
  • David - up-beat, but slightly nervous widower, looking for romance
  • Olwyn - the ever optimistic match making holiday rep
  • Angela - dippy social butterfly
  • Monty - ex Special Forces hero

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