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A Run Of Bad Luck

    by Les Clarke


Comedy Play: 'A Rn Of Bad Luck' by Les Clarke

Stuart has split up with his girlfriend.  In the closing stages of their doomed romance she berated him for smoking and so he made a gallant effort to give it up and succeeded, but after he’d quit smoking, so he put on weight which was something else she didn’t like.  And then the relationship ended when she ran off from someone from work.  So, Stu is determined to get himself fit, so he takes up jogging, something that is totally alien to him and on his second attempt he collapses on a park bench where a young woman, Chris, is sitting texting on her phone. 

An unusual friendship starts to develop whereby they each look forward to meeting on the bench as Stu perseveres to get fit.  She offers him water and he buys her a small bunch of flowers the next time to say thank you and in-between Stu’s huffing and puffing they tell each other about themselves.  Chris works in a hospice following the sudden death of her younger brother and Stu is just so taken with what she does he tells her about his broken relationship and mentions that one of the things that broke up his relationship was the fact they didn’t do things together.

So after a few morning meetings, Chris turns up huffing and puffing attempting to jog herself, determined that they should do things together, but will Stu turn up? 


40-50 mins approx


(1m, 1f)

  • Christine/Chris - early to mid-twenties, sweet, witty and lovely to know (f)
  • Stuart/Stu - early to mid-twenties, genuine and nice (m)

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