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Ancient And Modern

    by Martin Paul Roche


Comedy Play: 'Ancient And Modern' by Martin Paul Roche

Stella is now of an age whereby she realises she is from a different age. Opinionated, unforgiving, exacting, even gently and unwittingly xenophobic. She is a woman of routines, of rituals, of expectations, of standards. Her likes and dislikes have become entrenched and easily supported by evidence of life experience which she relies upon to self-justify.

Because of this she is a watcher of people, an observer, an interpreter of life and how she thinks people should live theirs; equally, she is a reflector, painfully sensitive and whilst not searching for something, has chosen to avoid the painful truth which is the most painful truth of all: the home truth.

Until now. And now, on Christmas Eve, forced by circumstances, surrounded by recollections and shadows and conditioned by expectations, the extremes of her ancient and modern worlds gently collide with humour, sincerity and a wholly unexpected personal revelation.



40 mins approx



  • Stella - 65+
Katherine - at the end is a pre-recorded voice played as part of the final SFX

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