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God Bless America!

    by Geoff Buckingham


Comedy Play Script: 'God Bless America!' by Geoff Buckingham

Kevin Freckleton, a hen-pecked, sewerage and recycling assistant from Middlesex, has mistakenly entered a lottery for the selection of the next USA President for the year 2060 – and discovers that he has won it! His wife, Britney, is furious with him and they both come under great pressure from a manipulative White House aide, Morton, who is anxious to quickly fill the void left by the mysterious disappearance of the last President. 

Kevin and Britney try everything possible to avoid accepting the Presidency and Morton tries everything possible to clinch the deal, including offering a variety of bribes. 

The conflict is heightened by the brief introduction of Morton's assistant, Claxton, and the mischievous involvement of Brian the Robot. This culminates in Brian intoxicating Kevin to the extent that Kevin surprisingly makes a late decision to accept the Presidency and to do the job on his own terms – much to the discernment of Britney and Morton!


42 mins approx


(2m, 1f, 2m/f)

  • Britney Freckleton - 30+ 
  • Kevin Freckleton - 30+, Britney’s husband  
  • Morton - any age, the Presidential Aide (m)
  • Brian the Robot - any age (m/f)
  • Claxton - any age, Morton's assistant, can double up as Brian (m/f)

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