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Heads You Lose!

    by Paul Reakes


Comedy Play Script: 'Heads You Lose' by Paul Reakes

The discovery of a headless corpse in a small country town is bound to cause quite a stir.  For Emily and Rose it is the main topic of conversation as they go about their work in the local charity shop.  Rose suggests that ‘the killer’ might be someone they know. 

And what has happened to the head?  Why is timid Mr Mills acting so strangely?   And what grisly secret does the old hat box contain? 

A play with its fair share of suspense and laughter.


50 mins approx


(2m, 6f)

  • Emily Pearson - 60s, a petite, refined woman
  • Rose Gale - 50s, a stout woman, rich local accent
  • Arthur Mills - 60s, mild, little man
  • Eleanor Crabtree - 50s, tall, domineering
  • Police Officer - (written as a female, but could be a male with a few script alterations)
  • A Man
  • Two Customers - non-speaking (f)

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