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More Tea, Vicar?

    by Geoff Buckingham


Comedy Play Script: 'More Tea, Vicar?' by Geoff Buckingham

The Church in Botchington needs a new roof, but has no funds, so the bumbling committee of St Cedric's decide to organise a garden party and invite the leading morality campaigner and philanthropist, Lady Porchester, in the hope that she’ll make a sizeable donation to the roof fund. However. the Vicar's attempt to impress her with an announcement of his intended marriage backfires rather badly.

Love-rival’s handbags fly and the committee are at each other’s throats, prompting Lady Porchester to threaten a walk-out. The day is saved. though, when a startling revelation about her love life elicits a very large donation. The play ends with her in a highly-charged sexual state, thanks to her being mistakenly given a powerful aphrodisiac, as she chases a trouser-less Vicar out of the garden.

This comedy is fun to perform as well as fun to watch and can be performed as a stage play or in ‘radio’ format.


40-45 mins approx


(2m, 8f, 1m/f)

  • Rev Michael Pickles - pleasant but bumbling vicar
  • Agnes Murgatroyd - long-sighted, doddery spinster
  • Mavis - middle aged, spinster
  • Gertie - middle aged, spinster
  • Horace Brassington - church treasurer
  • Nigella Alexander - youngish
  • Georgie
  • Roxy
  • Lady Porchester
  • Chauffeur (m/f)
  • Prudence Shuttleworth - a brassy young lady

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