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The 19th Hole

    by Tony Layton


Comedy Play Script: 'The 19th Hole' by Tony LaytonThe play takes place in the modest club house of a country golf club. One of the members, Freddie, has a problem which is putting him off his game. His wife, Muriel, appears to have run away unexpectedly leaving him to cope with the embarrassment of it all with his fellow golfers.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the club, Clive, a middle aged golfer is spending time looking after and defending, Frances, a newcomer to the game, from the marauding tactics of his wife Fiona and her sister Maggie. The sisters seem to spend much time in a state of high anxiety which can test the patience of all those around them.

Eventually, Muriel turns up having had a complete make-over and even changing her name to Claudia to match her new dynamic persona. What she reveals shakes the club to the core. Things will never be quite the same again in this quiet country club.


45 mins approx


(4m, 5f)

  • Freddie - middle aged, dedicated golfer
  • Roy - middle aged, club captain, tendency to display high self-esteem
  • Alex - female captain, feisty, a tad macho
  • Fiona - Clive’s wife, dominant personality, golf addict
  • Clive - middle aged, Fiona’s long suffering husband
  • Maggie - Fiona’s older sister, a constant foil for Fiona
  • Francis - middle aged, camp newcomer to golf
Sofia - 20s, barmaid, bright Russian émigré 
Muriel - Freddie’s wife, hates golf

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