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    by Teresa Hennessy

Best Original Play - Elmbridge Drama  Festival 2017
Winner - Welwyn Drama Festival 2017

One Act Comedy Play Script: 'Untucked' by Teresa Hennessy


‘Untucked’ is a bitter-sweet comedy of trust and jealousy; frocks and frills. It takes place during the interval of a drag show, somewhere in the outskirts of a major city. It is set in the present day.

‘Irma Geddon’ is a seasoned - if rather jaded - professional drag artiste, and has been since the 1980’s. He's a performer, full of grand gestures and fine oratory, with a penchant for reciting Shakespeare. This is mainly due to his self-proclaimed beautiful speaking voice but also, the enjoyment of intimidating any newcomer who dares to enter 'his' dressing room.

Speaking of newcomers, we are introduced to ‘Dee Light’ whose proper name David and is a straight man of similar age to Irma but who is treading the boards as a drag artiste for the very first time. A married man with children, David studied costume design at the London College of Fashion in the early eighties. His frequent visits to the gay clubs of the decade introduced him to the style and design of flamboyant costumes; but also to Irma, who he admired from afar.

The curtain opens on Dee checking her gown in a full-length mirror which is in a rather dismal dressing room. You can just see her silhouette. As Irma finishes her 'turn' on stage, we hear her recite the soliloquy from William Shakespeare’s ‘Richard III’ as she makes her way back to the dressing room. She swishes past Dee, who in turn, follows Irma with her eyes to where Irma sits and 'claims' her seat at 'her' dressing table.

Whilst Irma fixes her face, gently patting the sweat off her brow, we see Dee getting more nervous as she is about to go on after the interval. She is 'doing drag' for the very first time. Will the old-timer give her the benefit of his experience, or jeopardise the fledgling’s first flight into the unknown?


45 mins approx



  • 'Irma Geddon' - 50s, a professional drag artist
  • 'Dee Light' - 40s, a novice drag artist

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