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A Life Unspoken

    by Bev Clark


Drama Play Script: 'A Life Unspoken' by Bev Clark

Brenda had never spoken much about her life- she just got on with it- accepting that Henry was a good and reliable husband. Now, after thirty-nine years she is nursing the dying man, regretting that she never gave him the love he deserved.

A stranger arrives in the morning rain – he has a letter for her and the knowledge of the secret she has kept hidden all her life.

She now remembers back to a time in 1982. A chance meeting then brought an old acquaintance back into her life. Martin Eastwood had been her boss in 1967, when she was still a young girl. He had also been her lover. Now, fifteen years later, he stood before her again hoping they could renew old friendships.

Brenda is dazed and confused by this sudden turn of events and tells Martin the truth of what happened because of their affair and about the tragic death of their baby son – The son he had no knowledge of. Martin is dismayed by her revelations, yet he gives her no understanding and compassion leaving her once again – tortured and in misery.

Brenda had grown up with a mother telling her she was “wicked” and that her sin was so terrible she would pay for it by existing in a boring, loveless marriage – So, she kept her secret never believing she was worthy of a better life.

Now, the letter which is handed to her asks for her forgiveness and with Henry’s peaceful passing, Brenda is able to finally cast off the guilt she has carried for so long and begin the rest of her life. 


25 mins approx


(4m, 3f)

  • Brenda Warner - 60 and as her younger self in 1982
  • Henry Warner - 70 and as his younger self in 1982
  • Christopher Eastman - early 30's
  • Martin Eastman - late 30's in 1982
  • Boy - young Christopher aged about 14 in 1982
  • Mother
  • Mrs Armstrong / Waitress

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