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A Pocketful Of Posies

    by Norman Robbins

Drama Play Script: 'A Pocketful Of Posies' by Norman Robbins


Founders Day at Mallowdene School for Girls is a time for reflection and reminiscence, but can these reflections uncover the truth behind the disappearance, some twenty-five years ago, of the Daphne Rackham Trophy for poetry reading?

Does a memorial to a former pupil in the memorial garden, recently restored after vandals virtually destroyed, hold the answer, and can recognition finally be given to a recently deceased former pupil of the school?

Was it a form of bullying or indifference shown by the ‘Flower Girls’, so named because of their Christian names, that was the reason behind the disappearance, and has a former member of the group left clues as to the trophy’s whereabouts?

The time spent in the garden twenty-five years ago by Joan, one of the girl’s mothers, spent waiting for her daughter to finish school, comes into its own, when she ‘asks The Flowers’ just as Hyacinth had suggested to Daisy a week before Hyacinth was killed in a car crash.


50 mins approx



  • Fern Cottingley 
  • Joan Cottingley 
  • Iris Ford
  • Violet Adams
  • Daisy Crewe
  • Rose Whittington

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