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Chalk And Cheese

    by Sandy Taylor


Drama Play Script: 'Chalk And Cheese' by Sandy TaylorSylvia is a well-educated middle-class girl. Jo is her polar opposite, raised on a council estate, the youngest of a large family whose life experiences are limited. Sylvia advertises for a flat mate and Jo answers the advert and two girls from very different backgrounds become unlikely friends.

Although the two girls are like chalk and cheese they answer a need in each other. Jo is keen to better herself and Sylvia helps her, becoming very fond of Jo. She looks out for her, she even begins to feel responsible for her. This answers a need in Sylvia who has never been responsible for anyone in her whole life.

But Sylvia has a boyfriend, David, who becomes increasingly irritated by the girl’s relationship. He doesn't understand why Sylvia cares about Jo so much. He's sick of her being in the flat all the time, of never going out, never leaving them alone. David wants Sylvia to move out of the flat so that they can live together but Sylvia doesn't know how to tell Jo. She asks David to give her more time and they argue.

David accuses Sylvia of caring more for Jo than he does for her. Sylvia's answer is that Jo needs her more than he does. David and Sylvia go their separate ways leaving Jo and Sylvia to live their lives together, forever.


35 mins approx


(1m, 2f)
  • Sylvia - a middle-class career girl
  • Jo - her working-class flatmate
  • David - Sylvia’s boyfriend

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