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    by Robert Sheppard

One Act Drama Play Script: 'Marigold' by Robert Sheppard


Marigold has been involved in a serious accident. The plays deals with how her family and friends cope with the situation. As time passes, we learn about their attitudes, their hopes and their regrets. Although Marigold herself is never seen, we find out a lot about her, too. 

Elizabeth, her mother, constantly worrying, is unable stand up to her domineering husband, Graham, whose fixed views about life are a constant frustration to Marigold’s siblings, Andrea and Graham. Andrea, jealous of what she sees as Marigold’s greater abilities, and, trapped in an office job she detests, feels she has never been given the chances she deserves. 

These three do not seem to care much about Marigold’s achievements in the sixth form at school, both academically or in the school play, in which she is playing a leading role. Only Simon, Marigold’s younger brother, still at school, seems connected with Marigold but he, too, is afraid that his aspirations will not be allowed to flourish. 

Vicky, Marigold’s school friend, doesn’t seem able to really get to grips with the situation, while Jane, her Saturday job colleague, seems not to know her very well at all. Miss Traynor, Marigold’s English and Drama teacher recognises her talents and is concerned that they should be given every opportunity to develop, both at school and afterwards. Linda, Marigold’s best friend, is closest of all to her and it is her letter to Marigold that forms the framework of the play.


50 mins approx


(2m, 6f)

  • Linda
  • Andrea - 20, sister
  • Elizabeth - 40s, mother
  • Graham - 50, father
  • Simon - 16, brother
  • Miss Traynor - 30s, teacher
  • Vicky - 17, school friend
  • Jane  - 16-18, shop assistant

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