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    by Mike Tildesley


Drama Play Script: 'Pals' by Mike Tildesley

Following a disastrous trench raid, Freddie finds his friend George lying in a shell hole with a shrapnel wound in his stomach. With shells going off all around them, they are left with no choice but to wait it out until the stretcher bearers can come for them. Freddie does his best to keep George conscious and we discover the tragic reason why George signed up to serve King and Country. 

Drama Play Script: 'Pals' by Mike Tildesley

During a bombardment, the two men are joined in the shell hole by Albert, a timid German soldier who seems very out of place in the front line. We discover that the original purpose of the trench raid was to capture a German soldier and bring him back for interrogation. George is keen to complete this mission, but Freddie is reluctant, as he is more focused upon getting his mortally wounded friend back to the front line. 

During a lull in shelling, we learn why both Albert and Freddie joined up to fight for their countries. These revelations ultimately lead to one man making the ultimate sacrifice and we learn the true meaning of what it is to be pals.


50 mins approx



  • Private George Hawkins
  • Private Frederick Beach
  • Gemeine (Private) Albert Bergen

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