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The Phantom Of The Arts Centre

    by Geoff Buckingham

Drama Play Script: 'The Phantom Of The Arts Centre' by Geoff Buckingham


A small team of volunteers take over a disused building so that it can be used for community arts etc. The building, which was a factory during World War II, has a colourful history and a cellar. The building, and the cellar, have not been used for many years. 

There is a strange noise from the cellar... Sally mischievously goes down into the cellar and discovers that it contains a World War II veteran, who is still on duty! There then follows some moving dialogue between them, until they are interrupted by the adults. The veteran disappears, but then returns to find that he and Dolly may have met before... 

This play reveals the friction between members of a volunteer group and also the impact and heartbreak of war-time romance. 


50 mins approx


(3m, 2f)

  • Gus - 35+, an officious but steadfast leader of the volunteers
  • Dolly - 50+, feisty Cockney volunteer
  • Ted - 35+, chirpy character, Father of Sally 
  • Sally - 10-16, mischievous and head-strong
  • Bert The Phantom - 50+, eccentric 

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