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The Pint

    by Richard Parker


Drama Play Script: 'Chalk And Cheese' by Sandy Taylor

Jake & Ethan are lifelong friends. Jake has recently returned from honeymoon to his new house, good job and with more fantastic news about his future. He couldn’t be happier and has everything to look forward to. Ethan however is the opposite. He is ‘Jack the lad’. Never grown up, never held down a serious relationship, never held down a job and doesn’t have the same future to look forward to. This doesn’t mean he is unhappy, it just means his path is different and is comfortable with where he is.

They have met in the pub they “practically grew up in” for a pint. With Jake having so much to talk about, they use this time having pint together to reminisce, to talk about where they have come from, where they are going, and what the future holds. With such opposite lives, we learn what has made them friends, the times they have had, experiences shared, how other relationships have shaped their friendship and what two individuals bring to this very unique friendship.

They analyse themselves and having grown up together, why one has everything you would want out of life and the other has remained as he always has.

This play is a look at how close friendships shape us as people. It touches on aspects of mental health and how the events through life and death affect us and form the fabric of who we are. One’s future set in stone and the others’ yet to be written, but whose future is who’s?


40 mins approx


  • Ethan - mid-late 20s
  • Jake - mid-late 20s
They are the same age, working class, lifelong friends

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