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Life, Below Zero

    by Christopher J Mondoux

Winner - BEST PRODUCTION, Virginia Theatre Associations Community Theater Festival, USA 2013
(The Troubadours Community Theatre Group)


Drama Play Script: 'Life, Below Zero' by Christopher J MondouxJonathan, a six year US Army Ranger veteran, former class president, class valedictorian, and college honors graduate, has a secret that has been tormenting him for the past four years. Believing that his decision of four years prior is the reason for his infant son’s death, Jonathan harbours this secret close to his heart and allows it to torture the very fibre of his being, pushing his wife Sarah, best friend Matthew, and his parents to the brink. Defeated by the very thought of going any further in life with his pain, Jonathan has decided to try and relieve everyone from his existence. 

Struggling with his own torment from a mistake that he also made four years ago, Michael must help Jonathan understand the complexities of the afterlife and how not everything is as it seems on Earth. For this to happen, Michael must reveal the connection between their lives and the difficulties that everyone, not only humans, face every day. 

Michael finds himself struggling to balance the demands of his 'employer and that of which he feels is the best way to expose himself to Jonathan, their connection, and his own mistake that is will undoubtedly help Jonathan find peace, and possibly provide reconciliation with his employer. Unsure of what may come of his revelations, Michael sets out to produce proof that Jonathan’s past actions are not to blame and that the only mistakes he has made are those that hurt those closest to him. 

When Michael reveals that it was not Jonathan’s actions that led to his son’s death, but rather the inadvertent carelessness of those that watch over us, Jonathan’s faith begins to be slowly restored. Painfully, Michael reveals that his mistake was actually what Jonathan has been blaming himself for, which begins the reconciliation process for both of them.


50-55 minutes (approx)


Principals (3m, 1f)
  Jonathan - 26 to 28 years old, scruffy looking
  Michael - 40 to 50 years old, well dressed and well kept
  Sarah - 24 to 26 years old, Jonathan’s wife
  Matthew - 26 to 28 year old, Jonathan’s lifelong best friend, Sarah’s brother
Support (1m, 1f)
  Mary - 40 to 50 years old, Jonathan’s Mother
  Tom - 45 to 55 years old, Jonathan’s Father

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