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Lions Of England

    by David Weir


Drama Play Script: 'Lions Of England' by David WeirWill Foster and his girlfriend Sandra Simms wait in a TV green room. Will is to receive the ‘Lion of England’ award for bravery for rescuing Sandra and her pupils from a school fire. He is also going to propose to her on live TV immediately after the Prime Minister gives him the award. And fame-obsessed Sandra is going to accept the hand of the man who saved her life. 

In the frenetic panic of a live TV broadcast, Will is a beacon of calm, zen-like in the face of the hyperactivity around him. But as he practices his scene with researcher, Eve, it becomes clear that Will harbours some secret, which makes Eve nervous about both his going out on stage, and her future. 

When Dominic, the producer, discovers that Will has a criminal record he knew nothing about, Eve has to reveal that Will is not Will's real name… this is the notorious Roy Banks, the boy who murdered his mother and whose picture became a national icon of evil 30 years earlier. Dominic knows they can't send this man out to pick up an award. Eve argues that he has done his time and redeemed himself. 

With the clock running down, and with Sandra desperate for fame (so desperate indeed, it turns out, that she herself set the fire in her school), Dominic changes the story to make her the hero, leaving Will and Eve alone backstage to realise that an act of heroism isn't enough redemption 

And then Will discovers that Eve, who has flirted with him, whom he has trusted to keep his secret and give him his redemption, has sold his story to a tabloid newspaper to get herself a new job away from this TV hell. 

Will is a man who has lost his chance of a wife, his hero award and his hope that he might, at last, have atoned for his childish sins. As he advances on Eve with the ‘Lion of England’ award, the ideal blunt instrument, in his raised hand, the lights black out.


40 mins approx


(2m, 2f)

  • Dominic - 30's, spry, wiry, possibly wired, definitely on the edge of his tether
  • Will - 40's, a hero, has a criminal past
  • Eve - 20's, TV researcher, expensively scruffy
  • Sandra - 20's, wide-eyed ingenue

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