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Needle Time

    by Derek Webb

Comedy Play Script: 'Needle Time' by Derek Webb


The setting is a radio studio. There is a desk covered in baize, with a suspended microphone hanging over it. On the desk is a sound mixer and some other electronic equipment, including a CD player or two, a box of tissues and a telephone. 

The play is mainly a two hander between a radio station disc jockey and a wannabe young woman who is working at the station.  

Rob Peters is content to describe himself as an ageing hippy. He is happy with his lot working for a small local radio station, having spent a lifetime spinning discs.  

It's another day, another show, when a new recruit to the station, Suzie Hughes, turns up, eager to promote her brother's new record. He's not sure what to make of her, nor she of him. She's trying to get him to play her brother's new record. He’s more concerned in scoring points and showing off. Is anything he says actually true? Or is it all meaningless banter?  


40 mins approx


(2m, 1f)

  • Rob Peters: 40s/60s, a disc jockey, warm but cynical
  • Suzie Hughes: 20s/30s, smart young woman who wants to work in radio
  • Night Manager: 30s/60s, unflappable, obviously good at his job

There are also a number of voice only parts, which can be played by members of the cast. These are all pre-recorded and are as follows:

  • Station Announcer:
  • Hare: a character part in a radio commercial
  • Tortoise: another character part in a radio commercial
  • Voice Over:
  • Announcer:

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