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    by Tom Crawshaw

Nominated- Best New Writing
Buxton Fringe, 2010


Drama Play Script: 'Reverie' a play by Tom CrawshawExploring the fascinating practice of lucid dreaming, this enchanting play follows James on a bold journey to realise the world of infinite possibilities. A funny, poetic, bittersweet tale of love, perfection and flying too close to the sun. Perfection, it seems, it exactly as you imagined it.

A chance meeting at a party sees protagonist James catapulted into a scientific study to explore people’s ability to control their dreams consciously. The work reveals some exciting discoveries and some fantastic experiences. However, James is also on the brink of moving in with his long-term girlfriend, a chance for genuine happiness and love in this world. So when an old-flame appears in his dreams there is cause for concern.

'Reverie' explores the difference – or lack of it – between dreams and reality. As James's dreams become more vivid, more emotional and more affecting, he is forced to make a choice. Can he live in his dreams? How can love in a dream be as real as love when waking? How can it not be?

A moving drama and light-hearted satire of dreams – witty and powerful in equal measure. 'Reverie' was performed to critical acclaim and sell out-crowds both at the Buxton Fringe and the Edinburgh Fringe in 2010, by the award-winning Three’s Company.


60 mins approx


(2m, 3f)

  James - mid 20's
  Anna -James' girlfriend
  David -an old friend
  Holly - an old friend
  Caroline - James' mother
Support (originally played by the actors playing David and Caroline)
  Tech 1&2, Holly’s Mum, Fortune Teller, Teacher, Simon, Dream James, Costa Ricans 1-5, Minister

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