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The Café Sirocco

    by Tony Layton


Drama Play Script: 'The Cafe Sirocco' by Tony LaytonHenry and Melissa, an unhappily married middle-aged couple, have each arranged a secret rendezvous with would-be lovers. Unfortunately for them, their liaisons take place at the same location, the Café Sirocco.

Coincidentally, the people they are meeting are insurance clerks who happen to share the same office. Lying becomes the order of the day when all concerned try to bolster their basically boring existence. A cold north wind is the hand of fate that forces Henry and Lucy to leave the pavement table and to enter the café, bringing them, eventually, face to face with Melissa and Gareth.

The fabric of lies begins to crumble relentlessly. When the deceits are laid bare a wind of change runs through all their lives and perhaps things will never be the same again.

The printed script is only available in the anthology 'Dreams And Delusions (Vol 1)' together with 'The Brown Felt Hat' and 'Remembrance Day'


40 mins approx


(3m, 2f, 1m/f)

  • André - the dapper, french owner of the Café Sirocco
  • Gareth South - thirtyish, good looking and love starved
  • Henry East - middle-aged, middle class philanderer
  • Lucy North - thirtyish, attractive, smart, working girl
  • Melissa Stratford-West - attractive, sensuous, Henry's middle-aged wife
Wino - a vagrant (non-speaking role)

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