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The Condor And The Maiden

by Dermot Murphy


Drama Play Script: 'The Condor And The Maiden' by Dermot Murphy

Lucía and her daughter Clarisa live on a small-holding in Bolivia where Lucía grows flowers to sell at the local market. Clarisa has heard that the frontier with Argentina has been closed and she is worried this will prevent her father, a migrant worker, from returning home.

That night her uncle, who had also gone to Argentina, bursts in on them. He is drunk and tells them they must get out of his house.  Lucía comforts Clarisa and reassures her the house belongs to her father not her uncle. Next morning, Maritza, a community worker, comes to see them; she’s concerned Lucía cannot repay a loan to the NGO Maritza works for, and says that Argentina is sending illegal migrants home.

Domingo, Lucía’s younger brother-in-law calls to say he has seen Pedro and Lucía tells him she is pregnant, carrying Domingo’s baby. Pedro comes to threaten Lucía, and she makes it clear she will not leave the land which belongs to her husband. Domingo says Pedro won’t want to live out of town, but Lucía suggests he would like to sell the land just as he sold his land before.

Pedro has noticed that Lucía is pregnant and threatens Domingo before accompanying Clarisa on her way to school and telling her a story. While Lucía and Clarisa are out, Pedro comes with Manolo to steal their belongings and their pig. Devastated, Lucía guesses who the thief is.  Maritza and Domingo bring tools and household equipment. Pedro is grooming Clarisa, telling her stories and reminding her to keep their secret.

He tells Domingo he’ll burn the house down and delights that a hail-storm has destroyed Lucía’s flowers. He comes with Domingo to threaten Lucía and hits her; Domingo is afraid of his older brother and does nothing.

Talking to Clarisa, Maritza realises Pedro is abusing her and manages to frighten him off when he appears. She tells Lucía how she can make sure the land will belong to her and to Clarisa. Lucía challenges Domingo to back her in her attempt to keep the land and he agrees. Pedro returns with Manolo to evict Lucía, but when he realises she is not a tenant, Manolo backs off, and then, with Domingo and Maritza, helps tie Pedro up to be led off to the constable.


65 mins approx


(3m, 3f)

  •   Clarisa - 10
  •   Lucia - 30, Clarisa’s mother; her husband, Macario, has been in Argentina for five years; she is pregnant by her brother-in-law, Domingo
  •   Pedro - 40, Clarisa’s paternal uncle; Macario’s older brother
  •   Domingo - 30, Clarisa’s paternal uncle; Macario’s younger brother, married to Maribel
  •   Maritza - 45, fieldworker for a development NGO (f)
  •   Manolo - 40, a second-hand goods dealer; a friend of Pedro

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