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Bean, Stephen

Stephen Bean

Stephen BeanBorn in 1960, Stephen grew up on a farm in East Yorkshire, England and began his working life as a stockman. A review of his career led to his becoming a nurse in an Accident and Emergency department and he is currently a support worker for the learning disabled, with responsibility for Drama. Still living in East Yorkshire, Stephen is married with two children.

Throughout his life Stephen has had a love for Drama and has acted and written since he was a teenager.  One of his favourite roles was as Willie Mossop in 'Hobson’s Choice'. In the 1990’s he formed 'Theatre on the Wolds', an amateur group who perform mostly original work in local village Halls. Their entries into the North Eastern section of the All England Festival of One Act plays has brought attention to Stephen’s writing, with the group winning Best New Play for five consecutive years.

Stephen’s working background has brought him into contact with a wide variety of down to earth, no nonsense 'characters', the like of which form the mainstay of his writing.  Allied with a natural sense of humour and a strong sense of the absurd, Steve’s plays tend to make us view the extraordinary in ordinary lives. 'A Little Box of Oblivion' is a prime example of his style where a box, innocently placed on a park bench, becomes the centre of intrigue and the wild imaginings of the play’s characters. 

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