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Currie, Nigel

Nigel Currie


Nigel Currie has always worked in the sport sponsorship and marketing sector. He was one of the founders and owners of Sports Sponsorship agency Craigie Taylor which became the GEM Group and then brandRapport. When brandRapport was sold he became a consultancy to the agency before becoming a freelance PR, Marketing and Sponsorship Consultant advising a number of clients on how best to develop their PR and marketing strategies. He was Chairman of the European Sponsorship Association from 2002 until 2011. He is regularly asked to comment on major sports marketing and sponsorship issues in the media. He as always written a lot for his work but mainly proposals, documents, letters, press releases and various other things, most of which is very boring and is devoid of humour!

Nigel’s wife Felicity joined Barns Green Players in 2007 and started helping out making costumes for the groups various performances. Nigel joined the group a year or so later and helped out with scenery making, painting and became one of the backstage crew moving scenery around. It was during this time backstage having to listen to the same old script night after night that he decided to see if he could write his own pantomime – a chance to write something that wasn’t dull and had the potential to make people laugh.

On a very social trip to Dublin for a rugby international in February 2015 with several close friends from Barns Green Players, Nigel was persuaded that it would be a good idea for him to have a go at writing the Pantomime for the next year. That’s how it started and in January 2016 the Barns Green Players staged 6 sell out performances of '(not quite) The Three Musketeers'. It seemed to go down well and in 2017 'Dick Whittington' was performed followed in January 2018 by 'Sherlock Holmes' which was featured on BBC1’s The One Show during a special programme that was all about Pantomimes.

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