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Eaton, Vincent

Vincent Eaton



Theatre work, in the USA and Europe, has included ‘Max Dix, Zero to Six’, ‘Five Monologues on life, love and death, Boom (Destroying Everything)’ which won the Mervyn Brisco award for production at the Festival of European Anglophone Festival held in The Hague, ‘The Man Who Would Float Away’, multi-nominated, award winning, comedy-drama produced at the Washington D.C. Theater Festival and at FEATS held in Antwerp, ‘Stay’his first Verulam award for best original play along with the Mervyn Brisco prize at the FEATS Festival held in Brussels, as well as winning first prize for Best Original Play from the Eaton Literary Agency.His full-length play, ‘The Blue Home’, was a finalist at Nashville Playwriting Awards and a Finalist at Theatre Conspiracy Annual New Play Contest and New Play Project. Other produced one-act plays include ‘Negative Space’, ‘Nuts’ and ‘Random Violence’all of which were finalists for the Nashville Playwriting Awards.

His novel, ‘Self- Portrait of Someone Else’, was published by Viking Penguin, New York.  Numerous short stories and humorous personal essays have appeared both on- and off-line.

Having worked in broadcasting, from ABC-TV, Hollywood, California to the European Union, Brussels, Belgium, as a television and radio operations engineer, he has for the last three decades scripted, directed, edited, performed any voice over required, for short videos and digital stories as a one man mini movie maker, delivering for many different organisations, but now, happily, for personal projects only.

In theatre, he has acted in comedies (Paul Bratter in ‘Barefoot in the Park’, and ‘The Unseen Hand’and others), and drama (Biff Loman in ‘Death of a Salesman’, George Aaronow in ‘Glengarry Glen Ross’, others), classics (Vershinin in Chekhov’s ‘Three Sisters, Silvius’, in ‘As You Like It’, others) and well as one man shows he has conceived.

Film and television work includes ‘A House in the Hills’, ‘Red Eagle’ with Timothy Dalton, ‘The Tamed Ones’, and others; ‘Tombé sur la Tête’ for French television and ‘Le Destin des Steenfort’ for Belgium television, and others. Mixed in there was corporate work, commercials, presenting, and modelling.

As a professional voice actor he has performed hundreds of jobs in commercial broadcasting, both in the corporate, industrial, multimedia sectors, as well as for documentaries, cartoonsart installations, foreign film dubbing and the internet.

He continues moseying along in these areas.

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