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Godfrey, Adam

Adam Godfrey


Adam spent his early years in the theatres of London, watching and learning the intricacies of costumery, lighting, choreography, directorship and cast management for both amateur and professional groups.

With a regular theatre presence from birth, his love and appreciation of the stage was enriched through his family's own acting, musical and technical careers; embracing his father’s “panto-dame” sense of humour and dress sense and his mother’s technical skills.

Despite this enriching theatrical background Adam never really took to the stage, preferring to work behind the curtain, making only a few theatrical production and television appearances.

Now working as an environmental scientist in ecology, sustainability and environmental impact assessment, Adam has published three pantomimes up to December 2016, with each showing off the skills for family-friendly entertainment learnt in his early life; there are even a few jokes from then too.

Still a great fan of the theatre, although he doesn’t go quite as much as he would like, Adam hopes to write more traditional, up to date, pantomimes and plays in the future

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