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Lakritz, Jamie

Jamie Lakritz

Jamie Lakritz

Jamie Lakritz is a playwright from Frimley Green, Surrey. His plays include the award-winning play ‘The Start Of Something’, ‘Of All The Things I Have Lost’, ‘The Fire Stack’ and ‘The Great Christmas Cracker Heist’.

His work is primarily produced by his own theatre company, Brightlight Theatre.

He won Best New Play at Woking Drama Festival 2016 for ‘The Start Of Something’, which subsequently went on to win the George Taylor Memorial Prize for Best New Play of all NDFA festivals that year.

He was also nominated for Best New Play at Woking Drama Festival 2017 for his play ‘The Fire Stack’, and in 2018 for ‘Of All The Things I Have Lost’. He has studied playwrighting on a short course with the National Theatre, under Ryan Craig.

Jamie is also an actor and director with Brightlight Theatre, a husband and a father, and works in IT to pay the bills.

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