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Manktelow, Roger

Roger Manktelow

Roger Manktelow

Roger was born in Sussex and raised and educated in London, he moved to Sheffield in 1971 to take a politics degree and has stayed there ever since. He has worked in industry, local government, as self-employed and in the voluntary sector. He took up writing late in life having honed his writing skills in the innumerable reports he wrote in connection with his work.

He has had a long term interest in the theatre and has written a number of full length dramas and short stories. Those published by Stagescripts represent only part of his output, including several historical dramas including ‘The Sword of Anathema’ about the 12th Investiture dispute, ‘The Beginning of Time’ about the great plague, ‘The Book of Recipes’ about Caterina Sforza and ‘Sleeping Dogs’ about the assassination of President Kennedy.

He lives with Janet his partner of over 40 years.

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