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Morrison, David

David Morrison

David Morrison

David was in his early twenties when he first developed an interest in the theatre, and joined a local amateur company. He has since appeared in numerous productions of all genres - many of them well-known, others less so.

He has also co-directed a number of plays including 'Dracula' and 'The Forsyte Saga', but now concentrates mostly on script writing.

He particularly enjoys comedy, but his works also include Victorian costume dramas, a ghost story based at Bletchley Park during the war, and modern-day whodunnits. Whilst most are works of fiction, a few are based on true events, or are stage adaptations of famous novels, and, to demonstrate that truth can indeed be stranger than fiction, some of the more bizarre comedic elements in his plays are actually derived from real people and real events!

His other works include: 'The Woman in White', 'Cassandra', and (under pen names): 'The Strains of Academia' and 'All in a Day's Work'. A new play, based on the 1857 Madeleine Smith murder trial in Scotland, is (in 2019) currently a work in progress.

He lives in Norfolk, and his plays have been performed in the UK, Cyprus and Australia.

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