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Stockdill, Alan

Alan Stockdill

Alan Stockdill

Alan had a wealth of experience in drama, acting and directing before he began to write. “Having a lifelong involvement in community theatre certainly helped me to write plays and gave me an important insight into what audiences respond to,” he says.

His favourite playwright is Jimmy Chinn. “I like the way he combines serious drama with comedy,” explains Alan. “There are tears as well as laughter. It’s what I’ve tried to do with my own writing and it seems to be working so far! I love going to see my plays being performed by other companies, it’s a joy to sit in an audience watching, seeing their reactions. Without a director and actors, and all the other people in a theatre who work hard to create the drama, a play is just a collection of words arranged in a neat order, it’s only when it’s put in front of an audience by others that it comes to life.”

Alan’s theatre company - Talking Stock Productions - has toured all of his plays, raising money for various charities along the way.  Stagescripts has published three of them:  ‘Give A Little Love’, ‘Le Grand Return’ and ‘Dark Sky’.

Give A Little Love’ won Best Play at the Partington Festival in 2014 and also at the Scottish Community Drama Festival in 2020.  ‘Le Grand Return’ won Best Play and the Audience Award at the inaugural Woodbridge Drama Festival in 2015 and was a finalist in the All England Winners competition later that year.  Alan went on to win the prestigious Best New Writing award for ‘Le Grand Return’ at the Greater Manchester Fringe in 2015.

Alan’s plays have been performed in England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and France.

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